Babyprints Leicester hand and foot cast specialists capture the intricate detail in quality life size statues for freestanding and framed works of art.

At Babyprints Leicester you receive a warm professional experience, view finished works on display, discuss a wide range of options and browse through the babyprints brochure to gain ideas for your finished cast presentation.

Babyprints Leiceter hand and foot casts specialists have been casting for over 10 years and have provided thousands of quality artworks for customers around the midlands.

In the image you can see part of the studio at babyprints Leicester

You can visit the  Babyprints Leicester business web page for display locations, photos of finished customer works and contact details.

Babyprints cast presentation ideas

Find your nearest Babyprints and book an appointment or call 08432 162161 for more details.

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