A Baby doesn’t stay small for long, it seems each week they are learning something new and before you know it the tiny hands and feet which were sleeping so peacefully for the first few weeks are toddling about all over the place.

Baby hand and foot prints and statues both have their unique characteristics, in the photo you can see the same baby in two different finished presentations.

The Top photo displays the hands and feet as impressions, it is like the hands and feet are poking half way out of water , a smart 2D presentation which can be highlighted with directional light.

The bottom photo displays 3D casts statues, in both you can see the individual, life sized detail of your baby’s featutres.

Using a photo in a framed presentation will always bring back those memories when they were so adorable.

The finished framed presentations in the photo were produced by Babyprints Leicester.

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Baby hand and foot prints and statues -babyprints.co.uk