What gifts do you normally give dad on Father’s Day? it is often the thought that really counts.

A new baby will not be daddy shopping for a few years yet which leaves thousands of mum’s the new role each year.

Having baby’s hands and feet statues made when they are so very tiny is a beautiful thought and what an opportunity on Father’s day to have this made.

Just picture the surprise and joy on daddy’s face.

In the photo you can see a combination of photos and casts symmetrically designed using Antique white and baby pink mounting with Peal coloured casts in a French style Swept frame.

This is then smartly gift tagged, wrapped and ready for Father’s day by Babyprints North London

Babyprints have an endless choice of styles, colours and sizes to choose from, anything is often possible.

Your window of opportunity is here but don’t leave it too late, Father’s day in 2017 is on 18th March.

If you would like to know more details please call us on 01279 656525 or info@babyprints01.ts4.testdigital.net for more information or to find your nearest Babyprints.

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Wrapped and ready for Father’s day – Babyprints.co.uk