Babyprints South Hearts welcomed Sam Fairs and the family to produce a beautiful family presentation.

The TV crew arrived at the Babyprints South Hearts studio for an afternoons filming where Sam, hubby and the children all had castings produced.

The footage for Sams new ITVBe show will be on in the latter part of March through to April 2018.

If you want to know how the casting experience went and what Sam and the family had produced, you can find the contact for the Babyprints South Hearts studios here.

Babyprints produce stunning casts for all ages, mum, dad and the children in one stunning presentation will make a beautiful work of personalised art for your home.

If you would like to view Babyprints product samples view the links below and browse through the thousands of photos on this website….

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you can also download the Babyprints Product Brochure showing samples of our classic ranges.

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