Here at Babyprints we pride ourselves on producing quality personalised gifts.

Every gift is unique, this means there is never one the same.

Your babies hands and feet are so tiny, wouldn’t it be such a nice idea to capture those tiny innocent creases and curves in a keepsake for life.

Casts and impressions in either stand alone statues or framed, make wonderful quality personalised gifts for parents and grandparents.

Babyprints also produce amazing detailed prints in silver jewellery, charms, keyrings and cufflinks in solid silver.

If thinking of a cast gift, Do not settle for less! Babyprints will ensure you receive a product rich in quality and style.

If you would like to view product samples try the links below and browse through the thousands of photos on this website….

Classic Baby hands and feet presentation frames
Babyprints Spacer Frame ideas
Rococo style Swept Frame presentations
Family hand print and foot print presentation frames
Bespoke and commissioned works

you can also download the Babyprints Product Brochure showing samples of our classic ranges.

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