Tunbridge Wells Babyprints produce stunning baby hands and feet casting keepsakes and statues which capture the unique contours and curves, all so very different.

Babyprints Tunbridge Wells was contacted by a customer who wanted a personal gift for a friend who is emigrating.

She chose to have her hands cast praying which signified their spiritual connection. She was absolutely thrilled with the finished statue capturing a beautiful memory.

Life casts aren’t just for babies – contact Babyprints Tunbridge Wells on 07714 531747 for bespoke commission enquiries #babyprints #lifecasts

You can see many product variations throughout this website, below are a few links to finished works and bespoke presentation ideas.

Baby hands and feet casts combination framed
Bespoke comission works
Frames choices

Praying hands statue – Babyprints.co.uk