Babyprints are commissioned mainly to produce beautiful solid casts but we also get many requests to do stunning impressions of baby feet and hands.

Working to the highest standards and using quality techniques developed over many years, Babyprints have the skills and expertise to produce 2D and 3D in multiple layout variations.

We always produce beautiful casts and impressions which pick out all the individual detail which makes each hand and foot so unique, you then have a life cast product you can treasure for life.

Babyprints have produced thousands of quality impressions and casts with stunning detail and with a huge mental disorders range of colour mounts, frames and styles to mix and match your display options are endless.

The quality 2D hands impressions in this photo is an example of live work commissioned by our customers.

There are many more quality cast photo presentations examples throughout this website.

Babyprints prides itself on close attention to detail that picks out all the tiny features that are soon forgotten.

Don’t settle for less! find your nearest Babyprints and book your apointment.

It’s all in the skilled casting appointment and finishing!

Impressions of baby feet–