Babyprints produce fridge magnets in 2D and 3D, in this photo the family had chosen to frame each pair of their four children’s feet fridge magnets for a stunning gift to grandparents.

feet statues are a great way to reflect on family ties, you never know what your children will grow up to achieve and when they will branch out and spread their wings. Capturing the unique features early will always remind family of the days you were all so close.

Presentations involving sibling and family foot casts and feet castings compare sizes at different ages.

Babies, older children, parents and even grand parents can capture a moment in time with a size scale.

Not only will the size be a talking point in years to come when your children grow up, the individual character of each foot always has a story to tell.

All feet, all hands or a combination of both offer a wide variety of options, the diverse service Babyprints offer allows you to customise your personalised work of art the way you want it.

Any presentation size is possible at Babyprints and each product is unique.

The Framed 3D feet fridge magnets photo you can see is colour codes with a solid natural oak frame, Stone and antique white mounts, silver feet casts of four siblings and name/age inscription beneath for each pair.

Babyprints North Mymms and South Herts produced this wonderful presentation.

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Framed 3D feet fridge magnets – babyprints North Mymms