Babyprints produce quality finger, hand and foot prints, even drawings on jewellery, we work with Solid silver charms, cufflinks, keyrings and dog tags.

Birthdays, Christenings and anniversaries are those special times to give a jewellery gift to a loved one.

Finger prints in solid silver are a life size replica of each unique print and no two prints are ever the same.

Finger prints in babies up to 1 year old are often very difficult to capture as the tiny detail is so small.

It is often the choice for a gorgeous hand and foot print in silver for babies.

As the child gets older and at any age after the print is prominent and beautifully captured.

Their is a technique involved, if you would like to know more you can contact your nearest Babyprints.

The lovely heart charm in the photo was produced for a customer by Babyprints in Tyne and Wear.

To find out more information on our solid silver jewellery print service contact us on 08432 162161 or send an email to

contact your nearest Babyprints to find out more.

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