Babyprints offer endless solutions for framing baby hands and feet casts, often we are also commissioned to cast brothers and sisters of various ages.

Babies grow up fast and a little time gap can see a big difference in the size of hands and feet.

In the phots on the right you can see two frames that look the same however, they are different size frames housing different sized casts.

The top frame is of Pheobe who is 4 years and 2 months old and the bottom is her younger sister Freya who is 16 months old.

The parents wanted matching presentations to suit the sizes of the casts, the top frame is a lot bigger than the bottom frame.

A great combination of Pale peach and pink coloured mounts are complimented by the limed frame and stunning casts finished in silver.

These stunning Babyprints styles was produced at Babyprints north Mymms, near Hatfield.

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Different size casts in matching Frame –