Babyprints create framed presentations of baby hands and feet casts in many different styles.

Over the years we have produced thousands of quality hand and foot casts in presentation frames and not one is ever the same.

The classic framed presentations are the most popular but we are also comissioned to produce bespoke jobs.

In the photo you can see a different baby feet casting presentation, the feet casts have been fixed to a large photo within a spacer frame style.

This is a comissioned job but it can be replicated with different photos in a variety of ways.

Together with a caption and many styling options you can bespoke your own framing presentation.

These type of cast presentations are fun, eye catching and make a great head turning keepsake in your home or as a unique memorable gift.

Discuss with your nearest babyprints what can be acheived, you may have an idea of your own that we can bring to life.

Find your nearest Babyprints by selecting your area on the map.

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