Leicester Babyprints produce stunning baby and adult hand cast combinations.

keepsakes can be customed to your ideas and requirements, meaning you can design your own Baby print.

This combination of father and son hand cast with photo was designed and produced at Babyprints Leicester,

Frame, mount and cast colours were chosen by the customer to produce this stunning daddy and baby cast combination.

Notice the caption beneath in the centre, by choosing your own styles and wording you can add captions that give information or can tell a story.

You can see many product variations throughout this website, below are a few links to finished works and bespoke presentation ideas.

Baby hands and feet casts combination framed
Bespoke comission works
Frames choices

For information on products and services from Leicester Babyprints you can visit the Leicester Babyprint Webpage, and view samples, testimonials and contact information.

Design your own Baby  print– Babyprints.co.uk