Every Babyprints presentation is different

This includes the colours and styling of frames, mounts and cast colours.

Babyprints have endless combination and a colourful range to choose from…

Frame colours/finish

  • Natural (similar to pine/beech)
  • Limed (whitewash)
  • Dark (similar to antique oak)
  • Black (Satin Black Finish Black with subtle wood grain)
  • Silver (Satin Silver Finish Black with subtle wood grain)
  • Natural Oak (Solid Oak)
  • White Swept (Rococo Style)
  • Black Swept (Rococo Style)

Mounts/border choices

A selection of coloured mounts and backboards are available…. from pink for a baby girl gift or blue for a baby boy gift … or a more neutral colour scheme.
With thousands of variations to choose from, we have something for every taste.

You can be creative with the Babyprints frame and mount choices by mix and matching colours.

You can ask to view ideas and select colour schemes at your Babyprints Appointment.

You can see various frame choices and colour with additional styling in the image gallery, and throughout this website.

You can also enhance you keepsake even further and customise with the wide range of presentation styles…
Select for Double & Single Mounts
Select for Framing choices 
Select for Hover Mounts
Select for Text Windows
Select for LED presentations
Select for Custom designs

For more information on Babyprints services you can find your nearest babyprints by contacting us here

Babyprints – colourful range