Babyprints receive many customers who have tried and failed with Casting Kits.

By following the instructions in a casting Kit you can always produce some sort of cast but you are highly likely to end up with
an incomplete cast that wouldn’t satisfy you.

This is because there is years of technique and skill required to cast every unique detail of each hand and foot.

The right balance of technique in the cast taking and magic in the finishing, takes days of training and months of practice to perfect.

This equates to dozens of cast kit costs.

For one tenth of the price to do this you could have a beautifully framed Babyprint from a choice of professional casters in the UK.

Christine at Babyprints Tunbridge Wells says: Jessica and Dave were given a home casting kit, they thought it would be fun to have a go at doing it themselves and the instructions made it sound easy!! after several frustrated attempts they realised they needed a professional and booked a casting with Babyprints.

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