Babyprints produce quality castings in so many different ways, we are best known for the beautifully detailed baby hands and feet casting but we are often comissioned to produce ‘casting art’.

Babyprints are asked to create diverse, visual artifacts with the feedom of the artists imagination and skill, fitting the definition of Art.

Customers and companies often have casting art ideas of their own but need help with bringing these to life.

It may involve a large family casting, framed castings containing additional items or a different cast arrangement for a company presentation.

Whatever it may be, the babyprints open and friendly service invites you to share your ideas with us.

Babyprints casting art clients range from professional sports men and women to well established TV establishments and big city companies.

Babyprints is not all about Babies, maybe Babyprints could help your project along.

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