Babyprints produce a large variety of statue combination, we are not all about babies!.

Stunning sibling and family statue presentations are increasing, in the photo you can see a 4 sibling combination at the top and 3 sibling feet statues at the bottom.

The 3 feet from left to right have matching charcoal grey name placings as follows.

Isabella 3 3/4  years    –    Madison – 2 years    –    Oliver – 4 weeks

The Swept frame and classic frame presentations in both works have used a white frame with Antique white and Charcoal mount combinations.

The top frame was produced by Babyprints Tunbridge Wells and the bottom frame was produced by Babyprints Hatfield and South Herts

Babyprints produce hand statues and foot  statues in so many different combinations including adults, siblings and pets.

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If you are thinking of a statue combination, the links below lead to many ideas and product styles…

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Brothers and sisters feet statues –