Having your baby’s hands and feet casts made captures their unique tiny features before they grow and babies do grow quickly.

Babyprints Cornwall provide a quality hands and feet casting service with the option to display them in many framing syles and colour combination.

We use quality solid wood frames only, all purposefully manufactured for Babyprints works of art.

When attending your appointment, you can ask to see the Babyprints range of frames including the lovely Swept frame and oak wood frame.

If its not the casts you are after but wish to have your loved ones prints crafted in solid silver jewellery you can choose from our exclusive jewellery range.

When browsing through this website of cast works, notice the quality of casting and finishing, high attention to detail is a Babyprints requisite.

Trudy provides a top quality Baby hands and feet casting in Cornwall service and regularly exhibits her work in the Cornwall region.

you can visit Trudy’s business web page for more information and contact details
Babyprints framing choices

Find your nearest Babyprints and book an appointment or call 08432 162161 for more details.

Baby hands and feet casting in Cornwall – babyprints.co.uk