It may seem like your baby spends a lot of time lying around, but he actually gets in a vigorous workout every day. Whether he’s batting at an object, kicking his legs, or squirming during a nappy change, he’s exercising his little muscles. And all that strength-building is essential to his motor development:

He will need strong muscles to hold up his head, roll over, sit up, crawl, and eventually walk. In addition, physical activity pays off in the form of more restful sleep, less fussiness, and a happy infant who is eager to play and learn.

Simply Baby gets stronger everyday, soon what was so cute at the start will end up being something you need to curb as he will be picking up all sorts of things with his new found strength.

All this strength comes from a growing baby with bigger muscles and stronger limbs but he was so cute when he was tiny.

Get you baby’s hands and feet casted early and before they grow too large, not only will it be a treasured art piece on the wall, all those years later you will have fun looking back and comparing the difference in size.

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Baby gets stronger everyday–