Works of art involving baby casts and adult casting combinations make beautiful treasured keepsakes of the whole family.

Meticulous work captures the unique features of all loved ones and then presented in made to measure quality wood frame.

Babyprints run by Rebecca at North Mymms carefully moulds and produces these unique presentation styles which Rebecca calls ‘Nurture’.

Various colours can be chosen for casts, frame, mounting and styling which means you can bespoke your ‘Nurture’ presentation the way you want it.

Combinations include:

  • Mothers or fathers hands with 1 child (feet/hands/or both).
  • Mother and father hand with 1 child (feet/hands/or both).
  • Mothers or fathers hands with 2 child’s hand and/or foot combination.
  • Mother and father hand with 2 child’s hands and/or foot combination.

More family combinations can be seen here.

You can visits Rebeccas web page here for more Nurture combinations and a variety of other services.

If you have your own ideas for a framed presentation product, why not contact your nearest babyprints and discuss.

Babyprints have the skills and diversity to work on various bespoke projects.

Babyprints by Rebecca – baby casts and adult casting combinations